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Feeling good and caring for the environment!

StillWalks Benefits – Research shows that just looking at images of the natural environment is beneficial not only to your sense of wellbeing, but also to your health as well.

Exercise – If you are able to get out, then StillWalks can prompt you to do so. If you are not able or have difficulty getting out, then StillWalks can bring the outside in for  you.

Environment – StillWalks actively promotes appreciation and care of our environment – natural or man-made. StillWalks workshops and projects give you a unique experience with photography and field recording allowing you to see and hear aspects of the natural or built environment in a new a revealing way.

Ways to relieve stress – By bringing the outside in, StillWalks can help you relax anytime, anywhere. Available individually and as collections, StillWalks videos can be viewed on your HD or standard TV, your PC or Mac laptop, tablet or mobile phone – anytime, anywhere!

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What people say:

“Thanks so much for your French Evening Walk, I was having a very anxious time with my wife suddenly ill and this was real respite, just lifted me out of my situation and gave some precious time in fresh air to nourish spirit and hope.” 

Joseph  21/11/13

“When I watched the Woodland Walk, I found myself beginning to relax and calm down. It was like I was transported to another world, just for a few minutes, which brought a breath of fresh air into my busy mind and interrupted me for long enough to gain a different perspective on the things I have to do.

Jane Rogers 

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